Author: Nick Walton

Nick Walton is a Hong Kong-based photojournalist and Group Managing Editor for Artemis Communications, producers of Alpha Men Asia, Ultimate Encounters, The Art of Business Travel, IKHLAS, Heavens Voyage, and many other titles.

If you consider yourself a true tequila connoisseur, you might be interested in this limited cask release from Don Julio and BlockBar. 

KAI Anjin is a new boutique ryokan inspired by the new TV adaption of James Clavell’s iconic 1975 novel Shōgun.

Soneva Secret 2024 makes up in luxurious accommodation, refined dining and mesmerising locale what it lacks in a name. 

Estheclinic Hong Kong’s new Low-level Laser Therapy just might be what you need to keep your hair on your head and not in the drain.

Rickesh Kishnani not only loves whisky but has harnessed the spirit’s wealth-generating potential. He tells us about his own journey of whisky discovery.

Despite society’s ever-evolving take, masturbation is as normal as hating Mondays and as pleasurable as a co-ed pillow fight in a wet t-shirt factory.

Teacher, mentor, foodie and BJJ Professor Casey Lee discusses the discipline required to dominate the mat, the growth of BJJ in Hong Kong, and the passion he has for all things edible.

A triumphant return for the city’s favourite sushi joint might not be the experience guests expect when they visit the new Nobu Hong Kong.