Editorial Policy

You may not be able to handle the truth, but you certainly deserve it.

That’s why at Alpha Men Asia we take the truth very seriously. We work hard to ensure we’re delivering you a wide cross-section of curated content that’s interesting, timely and relatable to guys living in Asia.

All of our stories, even sponsored features, are written by a dedicated editorial team that adheres to the highest standards. This includes guest columnists – while their opinions are their own, their stories have to run the Alpha Men Asia editorial gauntlet, just like every other story.

Our sponsored sections are always identified as just that, paid sponsorship, but will always cover things we genuinely believe you’ll be interested in and will always conform to Alpha Men Asia’s existing editorial style.

Our reviews, whether hosted or independent, will always be balanced and impartial because we know that you’re potentially spending money and time based on the information we provide you. That’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

This also goes for your personal information. When you subscribe to Alpha Men Asia’s newsletter, your information will stay safe and we guarantee it will never be given to a third party. Ever.

We hope you enjoy Alpha Men Asia.

Any questions, turn email address to editorial(at)artemiscomms.com

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