Five Essential Smart Wallets

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Like our phones, the humble wallet has evolved to become smarter, thinner, and safer in order to cope with our fast-paced lifestyles. These five innovative yet compact smart wallets have successfully nailed the transition with functionality and cutting-edge design.

There’s only one thing worse than walking around with a brick of a wallet in your back pocket, and that’s losing said brick. For guys, our whole life can be found in our wallets, and protecting both the physical item and the previous info it contains should be your number one priority. Ditch the coins, go digital, and embrace technology with our favourite smart wallets for even smarter lads.

Nodus Compact Wallet

Nodus Compact Wallet

Made from sustainably-sourced full-grain, vegetable-tanned Italian leather, Nodus’ handcrafted Compact Wallet has a card-sized ultra-slim design, with an RFID blocking capability on one side, which protects up to eight cards, and two unblocked slots on the flip side for contactless payment access. Its middle sleeve includes a key slot as well as a central pocket for folded cash. US$68.57



Replace your conventional wallet with the state-of-the-art Wocket by NXT-ID, which allows you to make purchases with a single smart card, housed in the back leather slot of the device. The Wocket secures you’re your debit, credit and loyalty cards with pin or VoiceMatch biometric authentication, and offers interchangeable accessories for storage of cash and other essentials. Keep your cards secured elsewhere and use this smart device as one card to rule them all.

Walli Wallet


Link your smartphone to your Walli Wallet via Bluetooth and keep track of your wallet or keys on the go, ensuring you never leave them behind again. Walli will notify you if you stray too far away from tagged essentials, and uses replaceable batteries that make charging unnecessary.



AT only 9.9mm thick, the handcrafted leather Woolet (presently in crowdfunding) comes with sensors that sync with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or Apple Watch, and alerts you when you’re separated for too long. This ultra-slim wallet has space for cards and cash, as well as a hidden pocket, and is self-charging.

Ekster Parliment

Incorporating RFID blocking to protect your cards, the Ekster Parliament smart card sits inside your wallet or phone case and can be tracked using a dedicated app. You can check its last known device, use the Ekster community to maintain its location, and even get the card to sound off when you’re in range. Leave it under the sun for three hours, exposing its solar panels, for a month of battery life.

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