This is Not Your Granny’s Bone ‘Medicine’

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Magnolia Lab creates a pair of Hong Kong liqueurs steeped in the rich tradition of Chinese medicinal wines.

We’re sure you’ve seen them while browsing the supermarket and convenience store shelves, the vast array of bizarre-looking Chinese spirits, almost all of which profess to have some sort of medicinal attribute. China has a long and storied history of producing medicinal spirits to cure everything from a stiff back to a less-than-stiff John Thomas. However, few will ever find their way into your liquor cabinet or your cocktails. Until now.

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The latest in the blissfully long line of new alcoholic start-ups in Hong Kong, Magnolia Lab has launched two oriental botanical liqueurs, based on traditional Chinese medicinal wine and ready for your mixology innovation.

Magnolia Lab creates a pair of Hong Kong liqueurs steeped in the rich traditional of Chinese medicinal wines.

The creation of mixologist and co-founder Dennis Mak, who was inspired by the traditional medicinal wines found in his childhood home, Magnolia and Roselle are both infused with oriental herbs and add complexity and flair to your home cocktail creations. A marriage of Asian ingredients and Western production, Magnolia features its namesake berries, as well as sundried tangerine peel, mulberries, and sandalwood, while Roselle packs a punch with vibrant roselle jujube, dried ginger, and earthy Chinese angelica root.

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More than just a spirits company, Magnolia Lab has also created Sober Thoughts, a series of collaborations with various musicians and artists designed to encourage consumers to attend to their emotions. The first release, ‘Magnolia Lab x Mike Orange Mixtape’, is a playlist curated by Hong Kong musician and multi-media artist Mike Orange and is available on Spotify. 

So you’ll know what to listen to while you sip.

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