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British audio brand KEF has leapt across Victoria Harbour to open its new KEF Music Studio at Harbour City.

If you value your home audio experience then we’ll wager you know about British speaker brand KEF. You might have even joined our recent Alpha Society event at the brand’s interactive Audio Gallery in Central Hong Kong. Well, now you’ll have another option when it comes to superb home speakers or cutting-edge earphones with the arrival of the KEF Music Studio at Harbour City’s Ocean Centre.

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Dedicated to a world-class high-fidelity experience, the new concept store highlights KEF’s range of high-end speakers, some of which are still crafted in the original workshop in Kent. The multi-functional space follows in the steps of the Duddell Street outpost, and opens in time for KEF’s 60th anniversary.

British audio brand KEF has leaps across Victoria Harbour to open its new KEF Audio Studio at Harbour City.

A physical expression of the KEF philosophy, the new Music Studio showcases the brand’s innovation, craftsmanship, expertise, and contemporary aesthetic when it comes to luxury speaker systems. Exploring the new store you’ll find two spaces, The Gallery and the Home Theatre.

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The former showcases different speaker collections, including the LSX, the EGG Duo, the new KC62 subwoofer, and the award-winning wireless HiFi LS50 selection, while the latter presents the spectacular Blade Two line as well as the company’s built-in speaker solutions for lads looking for a home entertainment experience that’s out of this world.

British audio brand KEF has leaps across Victoria Harbour to open its new KEF Audio Studio at Harbour City.

More than just a high-end speaker store, the new KEF Music Studio will also present an inspired art collection with pieces by renowned talents ranging from Michael Craig-Martin to Jaime Hayon and Julian Opie that reflect on the brand’s passion for craftsmanship and innovation in high-end home speakers.

Because Christmas isn’t that far away.

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