How to Cook the Perfect Steak

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The carnivoric guru behind the global BLT restaurant chain, including Hong Kong’s BLT Steak and BLT Burger, celebrity Chef Laurent Tourondel schools us on how to prepare the perfect hunk of beef.

Cooking the perfect steak starts before you even get home. It starts all the way back when you go to the supermarket. You need to decide what kind of beef that you like; is it a skirt steak that’s thin (my favourite), or a New York cut which is thick, or is it a hanger steak with more texture. Steaks cook differently so this is vital.

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To really get a great steak you need to go to the best butcher or supermarket you can find, a place where you can get prime beef and ensure that it’s well marbled.

From there you take it home, and sure some people like to marinate but I like to just season with some sea salt and coarse black pepper, which I pound into the beef.

Chef Laurent Tourondel, the carnivoric guru behind the global BLT restaurant chain, schools us on how to prepare the perfect steak.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is taking the steak from the refrigerator and putting it directly into the pan. The meat should be at room temperature so you can cook it evenly from the outside to the inside.

When it comes to cooking I’m French so I like to simply put steaks in a pan and cook them slowly with butter but you can use good oil as well.

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I think people also struggle with knowing the temperature inside a steak. Don’t use your finger, use a thermometer, it’s the easiest way to control the cooking process. Everyone is different and everyone likes to argue their cooking style is the best but I’m a medium-rare guy.

Resting is also important, it allows all the juices to seep back into the meat and lets the flavours condense. After five minutes use a sharp knife and cut the steak nice and thin so you can really enjoy the flavour.

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