Finding Inner Peace

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The new VIVE Flow VR headset from HTC is all about finding your inner calm in the year ahead.

You’ll be forgiven if you didn’t know this (we didn’t either), but the first VR head-mounted display was developed back in the 1960s with the birth of the awesomely-named Sword of Damocles (God bless those tech geeks), the creation of Ivan Sutherland and Bob Sproull.

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The device took on its impressive moniker thanks to the mechanical ceiling-mounted arm that was required to hold the hefty contraption in place and track the movement of the wearer’s head. Fast forward to today and VR has developed in leaps and bounds – and not only in terms of neck strain – with VR systems used by both consumers and industry, civilians and the military.

The new VIVE Flow VR headset from HTC is all about finding your inner calm in the year ahead.

HTC has also joined the party with VIVE Flow, a compact, lightweight (about the same as a candy bar) and immersive glasses-styled device that transports the wearer into a virtual world of almost limitless potential, whether it’s reaching enlightenment through meditation or simply cruising Route 66. With a focus on wellness rather than just entertainment (think holistic rather than hedonistic), the VIVE Flow offers mental escape, from brain training to mindful activities to VR meetings.

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Designed to fold up and slip into a pocket when not in use, the VIVE Flow allows you to take a series of immersive experiences via the Viveport App Store; connect wirelessly to your 5G Android smartphone and stream television shows and films; and socialise and network virtually. The headset boasts built-in diopter dials for a crystal clear image, an active cooling system that whisks heat away from the face; face gaskets with magnetic connections that makes swapping a breeze; and an expansive 100-degree field of view for those crucial cinematic moments.

The new VIVE Flow VR headset from HTC is all about finding your inner calm in the year ahead.

With a sharp 3.2K resolution and a smooth 75Hz refresh rate, the VIVE Flows feature 3D spatial audio for immersive sound but can also connect to external bluetooth earphones if that’s your fancy. Once you’re all set up, the Viveport subscription plan gives you access to unlimited immersive apps ranging from light gaming and well-being exercises to a Lo-Fi room designed to look and feel like a cozy cafe, where you can collect yourself for the year ahead.

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