The Sub You Didn’t Know You Needed

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The new Triton 660 AVA submersible offers space and flexibility never seen from private subs before.

Climate change is no longer a matter of debate – it is happening – and planning for it will set the men apart from the lads. With the changing climate will come superstorms, droughts, and yes, rising sea levels, which is fine if you have a summer house in the Himalayas but not if you enjoy coastal living. Our point is there’s never been a better time to invest in your own submarine.

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The Triton 660 AVA just might be the model you need. Boasting advanced design technologies that utilize versatile acrylics, the Triton is the world’s first submersible with a free-form acrylic pressure hull. What that means to the modern-day Nemo is a submerged space that lends itself to an impromptu poker game, a cocktail soiree, or even a dinner party.

The new Triton 660 AVA submersible offers space and flexibility never seen from private subs before.

Within a footprint comparable to that of previous-generation dual-hulled submersibles, the AVA offers a singular acrylic volume up to three times greater as well as a greater number of seats. Owners can customise the voluminous interior space thanks to mountain points and flexible electronics, which means mood lighting, surround sound, and precise climate control.

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Beyond the flexible space, the new AVA, which comes in two models catering to 7 or 9 passengers respectively, can dive to 660ft (201m) for up to 12 hours and is operated by a designed pilot/dealer/barman. All passengers enjoy spectacular views thanks to those newly developed acrylics, and back on your yacht, the sub only takes up the space of two jet skis.

Think of it as planning for your future commute.

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