It’s Tequila Jim, But Not As We Know It

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If past experience has left you a tequilaphobe but you crave a summer-time margarita, this tequila alternative has your name on it.

Tequila. She’s a curious temptress. Despite the timeless elegance, the rich heritage, and the passion and dedication that goes into making fine tequila, watch the expression on people’s faces when you suggest shots, and you’ll learn the trepidation that’s inherent in this innocuous spirit.

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It’s probably that response – and the flashbacks to porcelain worshiping, ill-conceived one night stands, kebab inhalation and near-fatal hangovers – that tequila immediately conjures for many, that gave birth to Ritual Tequila Alternative, the latest addition to Ritual Zero Proof‘s line of non-alcoholic spirits.

The company, which already produces gin and whisky alternatives, has now created a regret-free tequila, laced with botanicals chosen to reflect the agave spirit’s floral flavour profile and mouthfeel. The company suggests the new tequila alternative be used in virgin margaritas – shots, however celebratory, are not advised.

Ritual Tequila Alternative

Ritual Tequila Alternative is said to be the first of its kind and joins the brand’s Ritual Zero Proof Gin and Whiskey Alternatives.

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Crafted with all-natural ingredients, Tequila Alternative was created to be used in a Margarita. It is made with a range of botanicals chosen to emulate the aroma, flavour, and mouthfeel of tequila. You’ll find the same rich golden hue, the same blue agave aroma, the same hint of mesquite smoke, and the same mellow spice that you would in any good tequila.

Just without the calories, carbs, gluten, or inclination towards karaoke duets.

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