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Bringing a modern take to Japanese kappa-style dining to Central Hong Kong, Nagamoto opens on On Lan Street.

We’re sure that by now you’re familiar with omakase, the Japanese dining style in which diners place their faith in the daily selection of the chef. It makes sense really; they know how they want to express their culinary vision and they know what’s freshest on any given day. All you have to do is sit back and let the magic take place.

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New eatery Nagamoto brings authentic omakase (also known as Kappo) dining to Central Hong Kong. Helmed by acclaimed chef Teruhiko Nagamoto, the restaurant reinterprets traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern twist and a focus on seasonality and freshness so you’re in good hands.

Bringing a modern take to Japanese kappa-style dining to Central Hong Kong, Nagamoto opens on On Lan Street.

Located in Central’s fine dining precinct On Lan Street, Nagamoto showcases the chef’s new approach to Japanese fine dining, one honed over 30 years working in the world’s top Japanese kitchens, including three Michelin-starred kaiseki restaurants where the menu evolved on a daily basis.

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At his new venue, Chef Nagamoto will present tantilising ever-changing menus that reflect the diversity of Japan’s four seasons and the geographical characteristics of the island country. Highlights include Sakizuke, a dish of poached cod fish milt, one of Japan’s most popular wintertime delicacies; Hassun, monkfish liver braised in bonito soup and served with a slice of kumquat and citrus-infused vinegar; and Gohan, a multi-layered dish which heroes Hokkaido snow crab and is enhanced with rice from Yamagata prefecture and topped with salmon roe for a vibrant garnish.

Bringing a modern take to Japanese kappa-style dining to Central Hong Kong, Nagamoto opens on On Lan Street.

As well as his commitment to seasonal, fresh produce, Chef Nagamoto is perhaps as well known for his signature dashi. This savoury stock is the backbone of many Japanese dishes and is used to enhance umami flavours. Chef Nagamoto’s signature dashi, made with premium kombu and katsuobushi, has been described by his guests as a Japanese-style coffee, a perfect mix of bitter and sweet that retains a delightful aftertaste. This signature stock is the highlight of Nimonowan, a meticulously crafted dish featuring a steamed fish cake with crabs, baby turnip and citrus peel, the flavours of which are brought together by Chef Nagamoto’s signature dashi. 

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The interior of Nagamoto is the vision of acclaimed interior designer Junzo Irikado, who has designed a number of award-winning and Michelin-starred Japanese restaurants around the world. The restaurant features an open dining area, as well as a private room that can accommodate up to 24 guests. True to the traditions of kappo-style dining, the open kitchen and cooking stations are the focal point of the interior and celebrate interaction between chefs and guests.

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