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A modern take on local favourites, Love Rice Noodles by Chef Alan Ng opens in Hong Kong’s Aberdeen.

Is there anything as satisfying as a decent bowl of rice noodles? Famed for their silky bouncy texture, the rice noodles of Yunnan are unmatched across China and are a modern staple for many Asian diners. Now you can enjoy a modern take on this classic fare with the opening of Love Rice Noodles.

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Love Rice Noodles (Shop 4B, G/F, Site 5, Aberdeen Centre, 14 Nam Ning Street, Aberdeen) sees Chinese Chef Alan Ng putting his special Hong Kong spin on the rice noodle game. Insisting on using top-quality ingredients and his seasoned culinary training, which included a stint at Michelin-starred China Tang, Chef Ng is on a mission to redefine rice noodles with authentic Hong Kong flavours, whether it’s with an order of dry stirred rice noodles or a bowl of a soupier nature.

A modern take on local favourites, Love Rice Noodles by Chef Alan Ng opens in Hong Kong.

The new venue’s menu is specially designed to act as the “rice noodle matchmaker” that helps customers find their perfect bowl, one that soothes the mind, body and soul. 

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To reflect the brand’s personality in the restaurant décor, the team collaborates with internationally renowned architect Sean Dix for his signature contemporary Oriental art designs. For Love Rice Noodle, Dix draws his inspiration from the iconic Hong Kong cha chaan teng to build a black and white monochromatic rendition with daring and whimsical details drawn from the roaring 80s. A touch of chilli red and vibrant green hues are added to keep the interior looking young and modern. In the middle of the restaurant sits a long table designed for diners to sit together and enjoy bowls of steaming hot noodles, and hopefully build a community of noodle lovers that the brand hopes to cultivate. 

A modern take on local favourites, Love Rice Noodles by Chef Alan Ng opens in Hong Kong.

Mala lovers will opt for the Rice Noodles Stirred with Wok-fried Sichuan Peppers, Mushrooms and Diced Chicken, which combines the aromatics of three different peppers with succulent diced chicken and a secret homemade sauce, and is topped with a drizzle of Sichuan pepper oil. The Rice Noodle Stir with Wok-fried Hot Peppers and Pork Belly is an equally delectable dish, featuring double-fried fresh hand-cut pork belly slices and an umami explosion of spicy screw peppers, bean paste and garlic. The pork belly is crunchy with a juicy interior, married perfectly with the peppery savouriness that prompts fandom upon the first bite.

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For soup enthusiasts, the “Hearty Noodle Soups” series is guaranteed to satisfy. All soup bases are made fresh daily, with more than ten varieties to choose from. Those partial to the hot and spicy must try Chef Ng’s special homemade mala sauce, a concoction he has spent years developing using an array of ingredients including hot red and green chilli peppers, cone pepper powder, Sichuan peppercorn powder, dried shrimp and fried scallion. Add a dollop into your soup base and it will elevate the liquid with a punch of fragrant heat.

A modern take on local favourites, Love Rice Noodles by Chef Alan Ng opens in Hong Kong.

Try the Rice Noodles with Homemade Fish Tofu in Sichuan Mala Soup; with three spice levels to choose from, Chef Ng’s special mala sauce shines through in this savoury soup noodle that spotlights the homemade fish tofu. This winner showcases both the signature spicy aromas of Sichuan cuisine and the umami flavours of Cantonese cooking. For those that prefer something more conventional, the Rice Noodles with Fish and Pickled Cabbage in Sour & Spicy Soup is also worth trying as it caters more to local tastes.

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A rice noodle meal is incomplete without a side of snacks and at Love Rice Noodles, homemade fish tofu is created using the traditional golden ratio of nine parts fish meat with one part seasoning. With an impressive diameter of 6cm, the “XL Dinosaur Egg” with Wasabi Mayonnaise Filling is the pride and joy of Chef Ng. Every mega fish ball weighs in at 80 grams, with a crunchy exterior that hides its succulent fish meat and lava wasabi filling.

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