Fender Recreates J Mascis Telecaster

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Guitar gurus Fender continues its Fender Artist Signature series with the new J Mascis Telecaster.

If you know your guitarists, you’ll know the name J Mascis, although he started life as Joseph Donald Mascis Jr. Growing up in Amherst, Massachusetts, Mascis started off as a drummer at the age of nine before pivoting to guitar when he founded Dinosaur Jr. in 1984.

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The band went on to help create alt-rock as we know it, releasing dozens of hits including Start Choppin, which was recorded with Mascis’s original Fender ‘58 Top-Loader Tele. Mascis was ranked number 86 in a Rolling Stone list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists”, and number five in a similar list for Spin magazine in 2012.

Guitar gurus Fender continues its Fender Artist Signature series with the new J Mascis Telecaster.

Sticking to his unique style, Fender worked closely with Mascis to recreate his infamous original 1958 top-Loader Tele guitar, the main axe he used in the mid-90s when he wrote some of his most iconic songs and lead work throughout his career.

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The dazzling Bottle Rocket Blue Flake finish pulls inspiration from Mascis’ old drum set dating back to his early days. Uniquely made for Mascis’ playing style, the custom J Mascis Telecaster features pickups that are voiced to replicate the vintage tone of the original 1958 Telecaster pickups in Mascis’s guitar, a Top-Loader Telecaster Bridge that offers reduced string tension and a shallower break angle, and a “C” neck with a 9.5-inch radius and jumbo frets that provide easy playability and effortless bends.

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