Highballs on High

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After success in Italy, the Chateau Highball range of ready-to-serve highball cocktails are now available in Hong Kong, in time for summer sipping.

As the summer descends on the city, you’ll likely be contemplating on your beverage options. After all, there’s nothing quite like a tall cold cocktail to keep the heat at bay. Fortunately you’re in luck with the arrival in the Fragrant Harbour of Chateau Highball’s ready to sip solutions.

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Chateau Highball is a pioneering premium ready-to-serve beverage range created by three entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. After a phenomenally successful launch in Italy, the range has now hit the shelves in Hong Kong with products that deliver a champagne-esque experience to the pre-mixed category. Different to the readily available ready-to-drink (RTD) products, the new arrivals are bottled in Franciacorta, the birthplace to Italy’s most revered sparkling wine, and are elegantly presented in premium Champagne bottles, delivering the familiar cork popping but in a unique highball form.

After success in Italy, Chateau Highball's range of ready-to-serve beverages are now available in Hong Kong.

The perfectly balanced, large-format highball drinks have been painstakingly formulated, ensuring well-rounded flavours and potency with the perfect amount of carbonation, making them perfect for your next rooftop soirêe, beach picnic or boat party.

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The sophisticated range features Vodka Soda, Whisky Soda made with premium oak-aged Scotch and spring water soda, Gin & Tonic crafted with stevia for a lower-calorie take on the original tipple, and Tequila Soda, which will launch in Hong Kong in the summer.  

The large format highball solves consistency, speed of service and convenience problems in an elegant Champagne bottle, and each highball can be garnished with optional botanicals to craft a sophisticated tipple with minimal effort.

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Chateau Highball is also bottled using the most advanced frizzante technology, deeming preservatives and stabilisers unnecessary.

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