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TOWNPLACE in Central Hong Kong combines community interaction with the best residential leasing opportunities.

As a central business district of Hong Kong, the Central and Western District has attracted numerous local and foreign groups and companies. This conducive business environment has also provided many opportunities for millennials to develop their businesses. Innovative residential leasing brand TOWNPLACE has properties in both Soho and Kennedy Town, and aims to connect residents and surrounding communities while aiding the elite to expand their networks and create wealth and business opportunities in a short period of time through its unique “Community” living culture.

TOWNPLACE in Central Hong Kong combines community interaction with the best residential leasing opportunities.

Investing money and time to join various clubs and communities is always a means for entrepreneurs to expand their social networks and therefore grow their businesses. TOWNPLACE attracts young professionals with common backgrounds as residents, allowing them to quickly meet like-minded potential partners in their living environment.

The “Community Team”, which has been specially established by TOWNPLACE,  is dedicated to the community building and engagement of residents, facilitating the relationship building of like-minded residents through both online and offline communications, including community events, Duo Social Space and the tenant-exclusive TOWNPLACE all-in-one mobile app.

The goal is to create a TOWNER-centric community in which members feel like sharing their life experiences, interests, professional knowledge and feelings with other community members.  Community bonding is expected to grow closer, from good neighbours to friendship and even business partnerships.

Since the Community Team has made great efforts to promote communication between residents, enormous business opportunities have been created by various cross-sector collaborations between brands by TOWNPLACE residents, including lifestyle concepts like French young espadrille brand Les Francaises, local original gin brand Fok Hing Gin, middle eastern style bar Zzura, and popular Kombucha On The Wagon.

Besides promoting their own brand via the resident-exclusive TOWNPLACE app, which provides exclusive offers, residents can also be a contributor to community events to share their own business and profession with the residents for additional brand exposure. 

The Community living culture is not only limited to TOWNPLACE, but also expands to the greater society. By manipulating TOWNPLACE’s geographical advantage, the Community Team actively cooperates with a variety of brands and holds Community events like the Burberry Exclusive Private Session for TOWNERs, the TUMI exclusive previews and collectables event, and the opening and an exclusive preview of Blend & Grind’s newest store, which was held at TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN.

These Community events not only bring diverse experiences to residents, but also become a communication platform for residents and the merchants nearby, and therefore create infinite possibilities for the development of the Central and Western District.

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