Sound for Your Citadel of Seclusion

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Two new wireless speakers from Sony promise to fill your man pad with ear-pleasing sound and timeless style.

Have you suddenly realised, after all those days working from home and nights spent in rather than dealing with Covid-19 restrictions, that you need an injection of style into your musty man cave? Well, you’re in luck with the arrival of two new wireless Sony speaker systems.

Equipped with Sony’s unique spatial sound technologies and packed with smart features, the two speakers – the SRS-RA5000 and the SRS-RA3000 (whatever happened to giving things cool names?) – will fill your home with ambient sound, something Sony thinks we could all do with more of.

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Unlike most speakers, which disperse sound horizontally, the new Sony speakers spread background music both horizontally (wall-to-wall) and vertically (floor-to-ceiling) thanks to Immersive Audio Enhancement (IAE) technology, based on Sony’s unique algorithm, and 360 Reality Audio content playback, which uses three-dimensional sound location data to provide the best ambient room-filling sound experience. 

Two new wireless speakers from Sony promise to fill your man pad with ear-pleasing sound and timeless style.

This 360 Reality Audio can be enjoyed through compatible music streaming services, which offer access to approximately 4,000 songs in 360 Reality Audio from international artists like Alicia Keys, Lil Nas X, Megan Thee Stallion, Noah Cyrus, Zara Larsson, and local talents like Jason Chan, Phil Lam, Eman Lam, and Mischa Ip. 

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The new speakers also use sound calibration to gauge a room’s acoustic conditions and create the perfect audio delivery. Simply hold the Immersive Audio Enhancement button on the RA5000, and it will conduct a detailed sound calibration adjustment for optimum audio performance for the room it’s placed in, while the RA3000 provides effortless, on-going auto adjustment that’s recalibrated each time it’s moved. 

So what are the differences, you might ask? The RA5000 (below) speaker is Hi-Res Audio certified, for superior sound quality through High-Resolution Audio playback and features a trio of up-firing speakers that spread music vertically, while the three middle sited speakers spread sound horizontally. The speaker unit incorporates high-magnetism neodymium magnets and a mica reinforced cellular diaphragm that gives strength to the speaker whilst keeping its size compact. These are complemented by a subwoofer which helps to flood the room with rich, deep bass.

Two new wireless speakers from Sony promise to fill your man pad with ear-pleasing sound and timeless style.

The RA3000 (at top), by contrast (and half the price of its big brother), achieves omnidirectional sound with deep bass by using a full range speaker, an omni-diffuser that spreads sound throughout the room, and a dual passive radiator to produce deep bass. The speaker’s overlapping beam tweeters form a wavefront that goes upward, delivering sound vertically. With its smaller body and humidity resistance, it’s the perfect home companion.

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Both speakers pair with smartphones, laptops, or tablets via Bluetooth or an optional 3.5mm connection. The RA5000 has an additional option of using one-touch NFC to easily connect your compatible smart devices. Both devices are also compatible with Google Assistant-enabled devices with Chromecast, as well as Amazon Alexa devices, and can be grouped with multiple compatible devices for multi-room playback using the Google Home app or Amazon Alexa app. They also link up with the Sony Music Center app, which can control playlists, EQ settings, and auto volume features.

Time to turn your flat into a concert hall.

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