An Epic Airship Adventure

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Travel company Pelorus launches new partnership with sustainable airship company OceanSky Cruises    

When we think of airships we tend to think of the transport’s less than favourable moments – cue “Oh the horror!” moment – but that was then and OceanSky Cruises, a modern company offering no-footprint travel, is now. Ushering in a new age for the blimp, the company, which recently teamed up with expedition travel specialists Pelorus, will offer its first flights in 2024, offering the well-heeled the chance to cruise in comfort and luxury where few else have…drifted?

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OceanSky Cruises’ industry leading ‘lighter than air’ airships will initially offer cruises from Norwegian Arctic archipelago Svalbard to what is often considered ‘ground zero’ for climate change; the North Pole.  While details of the unique voyages are still a little ‘in the air’, modern luxury explorers can expect to embark on a 36-hour round trip cruising at 1,000ft above sea level.

Travel company Pelorus launches new partnership with sustainable airship company OceanSky Cruises

During the cruise, passengers will take in a unique perspective of the majestic landscape that is the Arctic. as well as its unique wildlife, while dining on the finest cuisine and learning from onboard polar experts and scientists, who have dedicated their careers to the research and preservation of the region.  

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The climax of the experience is bound to be the extraordinarily rare opportunity to drop down onto the exact location of The North Pole to enjoy a sustainable dining experience and spend a few precious hours at the very top of our planet. 

We’re sure the experience will leave you feeling lighter than air.

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