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The new NuraTrue Pro true wireless earbuds up the ante to your daily audio companions.

If you’re an audiophile, chances are you’ll remember when Nura launched its design-savvy noise-cancelling headphones, the Nuraphones. These headphones, which listened to you before creating a bespoke soundscape customised for your noggin, blew music lovers away and now their creators are at it again with the new NuraTrue Pro, the second-generation wireless earphones your ears deserve.

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Promising an unparalleled music experience thanks to Nura’s patented Personalized Sound technology, as well as CD-quality lossless audio and adaptive active noise cancellation, the new NuraTrue Pro wireless earbuds are packed with premium audio features, including Spatial Audio powered by Dirac, and Qualcomm aptX lossless Bluetooth connectivity.

The New NuraTrue Pro true wireless earbuds up the ante to your daily audio companions.

With the NuraTrue Pro, the company promises to deliver an experience that typically requires expensive enthusiast-grade gear to achieve, with the convenience provided by a true wireless form factor. No longer limited by wireless transmission bottlenecks, the NuraTrue Pro supports CD-quality lossless audio (16-bit, 44.1 kHz) to deliver uncompressed, bit-perfect audio fidelity. When combined with Nura’s award-winning Personalized Sound technology, which measures a user’s hearing to create an individualized EQ, the NuraTrue Pro provides an unrivaled experience of music that is perfectly balanced specifically for the listener in a small, convenient form factor.

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The NuraTrue Pro also improve on the noise cancellation performance of its predecessor with a high precision cancellation signal that can dynamically adapt to changes in earbud positioning thanks to inputs from three noise sensing microphones that analyze background sounds
in combination with advanced digital signal processing techniques, ensuring the listening experience remains the core focus for the user.

The New NuraTrue Pro true wireless earbuds up the ante to your daily audio companions.

Also debuting is Nura’s ProEQ, a highly requested feature available exclusively to the NuraTrue Pro that enables manual EQ fine-tuning via the companion app. In addition, your calls will be crystal clear thanks to advanced digital signal processing techniques that combine inputs from four microphones – including a bone conduction sensor – to improve
the signal-to-noise ratio, even when there is a lot of surrounding background noise. The bone conduction sensor picks up vibrations from the body generated from the user’s voice enabling clearer speech, and in combination with noise cancellation, ensures speech remains intelligible
in all environments.

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The NuraTrue Pros also benefit from an Immersion Slider, a staple feature of the Nura product family that allows users to dial up or down
the level of bass to suit their tastes without affecting the faithful reproduction of high and mid frequencies; customizable touch buttons
with up to eight unique touch inputs; and Perfect Fit Detection, which uses sensors to detect that the earbuds are positioned correctly with a flawless seal to ensure the perfect listening experience.

The new earbuds also come in a newly-designed case that allows for wireless charging. Simply place the charging case on a Qi-certified charging device to provide all the power needed. The case boosts the earbuds’ eight-hour battery life by a further 24 hours.

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