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Central Hong Kong’s newest izakaya gastropub, Musubi Hiro, promises to keeps things simple and delicious when it opens next month.

Time for a little cultural insight. Tokusatsu, which translates as “special filming” is a popular genre of live action film or television production from Japan. Tracing its roots all the way back to Japan’s timeless kabuki and bunraku theatre movements, Tokusatsu forged a real following thanks to epic battles between mythical creatures like Super Sentai, Gamera, and of course, Godzilla. Sadly, the style isn’t well known outside of Japan but perhaps that’s all about to change.

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Taking its inspiration from a retro Tokusatsu live-action series from the 1960s, Musubi Hiro is the newest draftee to Hong Kong’s eclectic and ever-changing Japanese dining scene. Promising to add modern twists to old school Japanese fare, the new eatery specialises in musubi and re-imagined izakaya snacks (there are 20 varieties to get through), Musubi Hiro will cure wait ails you with plenty of sake, innovative cocktails and of course cold Japanese beer when it opens in Central next month.

Central Hong Kong's newest izakaya gastropub, Musubi Hiro, promises to keeps things simple and delicious when it opens next month.

While Japanese dining has its esteemed roots, it’s also a cuisine that lends itself to reinterpretation and the humble yet soul-soothing spam-musubi – a creation of Hawaii – is the perfect example. Take one fried slab of Spam, mount it on an onigiri rice ball, and wrap it with seaweed and you had a bite-sized snack that can double as a meal. The new 50-seat gastropub (which joins another exciting izakaya nearby) will offer a wide range of musubi interpretations – including some for our vegetarian mates – with each paired with special sauces and customisation options.

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While you wait for the goodness to arrive you can soak in the intriguing interiors by local talent Quill Wong, who has bedecked the eatery with vibrant murals that offer a comedic take on the city’s leading landmarks. You know, the ones Godzilla likes to climb?

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