The New Bronze Age

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If you like a certain militarism in your personal style, you’ll love the new Broadsword Bronze timepieces from Bremont.

Some guys like to keep it cool and casual and will be found sporting the same jeans and t-shirt combination throughout the year. Then there are the guys for whom formally is a benchmark, a statement of self, a personal ode to style. There are the guys who wear suits when they don’t have to, who never worry about dress codes, and who know a thing or two about tweed. This military styling has always remained popular, especially in the United Kingdom, where it ties in with the sophisticated public school image.

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Touching on those same military bearings and equally sophisticated in its simplicity, the new Broadsword Bronze timepieces from Bremont continue the British watch brand’s official partnership with the Ministry of Defense, which makes it the sole luxury watch producer legitimately allowed to use the signs, symbols and heraldic badges of the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force. 

If you like a certain militarism in your personal style, you'll love the new Broadsword Bronze timepieces from Bremont.

The use of bronze in the new collection nods to the material’s importance in naval engineering due to its high corrosion resistance to saltwater. The new Broadsword case is made of CuSn8 bronze, a solid solution strengthened copper alloy with 8% tin, which adds strength, wear, and resistance to corrosion.

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Originally designed as a contemporary take on the three-handed ‘Dirty Dozen’ watch design, a series of timepieces commissioned for the British Army during World War Two when Britain’s Ministry of Defence needed watches to issue to military personnel, the Bremont Broadsword pieces are available in three different coloured dial and strap variations, complementing the existing range.

In the 1940s, very strict performance specifications for the original Dirty Dozen were set which included waterproofing, regulation to chronometer specification, luminous markings on the dial and a robust case construction. The Broadsword has not only been designed and engineered to meet these criteria but also to reflect the needs of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces today. As with all Bremont watches, the Broadsword Bronze will be produced at the company’s headquarters in Henley-on-Thames, UK.  

If you like a certain militarism in your personal style, you'll love the new Broadsword Bronze timepieces from Bremont.

The ‘slate’, ‘sotek’ (a military green/teal colour), and ‘tobacco’ dials feature a sub-seconds hand at six o’clock as well as multiple layers of luminous paint on both the dial and hands to complete the original specification for the British Army. Within the two-piece 40mm case, which features a steel, screw-in case back stamped with the badges of all three services, is the chronometer-rated BE-95-2AV movement.

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As a ‘living’ metal, each model will develop its own unique patina over time, meaning no two watches will ever look the same. And every guy likes something a little unique.

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