Learn to Tame the Flame

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Smoke & Barrel’s new series of BBQ classes promises to turn you into a bona fide pitmaster.

If those Discovery Channel BBQ shows have you thinking about quitting your day job; if you can distinguish regionality in your brisket; and if your fridge is packed with black market BBQ sauces, then this class is for you.

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Since the first caveman seasoned the fresh kill he placed on the communal fire, man has been obsessed with barbecue. Place one in a backyard and men converge on it like moths to a flame. There’s something blissfully primal, not only in cooking meat over fire but doing it better than the joker next to you. And thus, legends are born.

Smoke & Barrel's new series of BBQ classes promises to turn you into a bona fide pit master.

You could be that BBQ legend, thanks to American smokehouse and barbecue restaurant Smoke & Barrel, which has launched a series of Saturday masterclasses for lads looking to learn the way of the flame.

Covering authentic meat smoking and pit house cooking, the Meat Smoking 101 classes are led by chefs Christopher Tuthill and Chris Grare, who tap into their considerable experience creating authentic American barbeque, back home in the US and in Hong Kong on Smoke & Barrel’s custom-built smoker, The Beast.

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Held on the first and last Saturdays of the month (10 am-1 pm) from January 30, 2021, the highly interactive meat smoking and pit house cooking lessons are priced at HK$800 per student, with a maximum capacity of ten per class.

Smoke & Barrel's new series of BBQ classes promises to turn you into a bona fide pitmaster.

The BBQ classes cover traditional meat smoking and the types of wood used, cutting and breaking down your chosen meat, understanding the difference between good and bad smoke, temperature control, and types of seasoning. Finally, the class will ritualistically rub, slather, and season their own hunk of meat before concluding the class with a smoked meat tasting session and a light lunch.

Optional free-flow drinks are offered during classes at an additional HK$198 for two hours, and students return in the evening to pick up their smoked…assignments.

School was never so cool.

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