Set Your Alarm for Brew

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The Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock makes every morning just that much easier.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the term ‘technological convergence’? Essentially this is the phenomenon where two or more independent technologies are integrated to form a new outcome that makes life all the sweeter. Classic examples include the smartphone, which combines a phone with a camera, a calendar, a web browser, and much more. Each technology is useful but nothing beats the sum of its parts.

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If you’re an advocate of technological convergence, you’re a lad looking to make the most of Asia’s tiny apartments, or you’re simply an urban java junkie, the Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock is something you might want to put on your personal wish list.

The Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock makes every morning just that much easier.

Few things are better to wake up to than freshly brewed coffee (OK, we can think of a few), especially on those weekend mornings where there’s little to do and all the time in the world with which to do it. The creation of British design guru Joshua Renoug, this savvy bedside essential combines a complete coffee brewing setup with a vintage-esque alarm clock that we think you’ll find difficult to ignore.

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Simply add your ground coffee (which is stored in a little draw in the base) to the coffee pot and your water to the brew chamber, and set the time you’d like your java dose. A rain head emulates a gentle hand pour-over of water that’s heated by a smart induction coil to exactly 94 degrees Celsius, making for the perfect coffee (or tea brew if that’s your thing). There’s even a little milk cooler that keeps your milk fresh until it’s time to pour.

Pure genius.

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