Time to Tame Shave Burn

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Do you dread shaving because of the pain and irritation it leaves in its wake? The Shavior might be the lotion solution you need.

No one likes burns of any description – heartburn, sunburn, windburn, a cutting but apt comment from a compadre – they all need soothing and rectification.

Among the top burns, you should be trying to avoid is razor burn; if you haven’t set the scene so to speak before your daily shaving ritual, by using the right shave oils and pre-shave balms, you’re liable to end up with a nasty rash, in-grown hairs and collar chaffing, which not only hurt but look rather unattractive. However, all that can be avoided with The Shavior by the Grooming Lounge.

This man-loving lotion provides quick and notable relief from razor bumps, and burns and in-grown hairs. You can use the cream on specific problem areas or incorporate it into your daily routine to ensure you stay silky smooth.

Packed with powerful botanicals that will put the kibosh on skin irritation, including glycolic acid, which exfoliates dry and dead skin; allantoin, which has anti-aging qualities; soothing chamomile; and bisabolol, which tames inflammation, The Shavior should have pride of place in every gent’s bathroom.

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