The Carnage of Bond

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Have you ever wondered how many vehicles 007 has ruined across all 24 official James Bond films and the true cost of all that automotive carnage? The results will leave you shaken and stirred.

Carnage Calculator, created by car leasing specialist AMT, collates data from every film in the franchise, revealing how much damage the superspy has really caused. Users view a visualisation of each Bond vehicle as well as a description of the scene and car damage and the carnage calculator totals up the financial impact of Bond’s devastating driving, which, collectively, stands at an impressive US$5,717,646.

Oh, The Horror…

The famous spy damages at least one car he drives in each of the 18 films, with 23 different vehicles feeling the brunt of 007’s reckless driving. To work out the cost of every vehicle, the new price of each at the time of the film has been adjusted for inflation. The damage has then been calculated by classifying it into the A,B,S and N insurance categories, and priced at 100%, 80%, 40% or 20% of the car’s value respectively.

License to Crash

So who was the spy that cost that most? Well, Roger Moore is the most destructive Bond, completely destroying five of his cars across five films, However, Daniel Craig caused the most damage in terms of dollars, with an estimated bill of just over US$4 million across four films. Of all the Bonds, Sean Connery is the most careful 007 on the road, keeping his cars intact in From Russia with Love, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Daniel Craig’s Aston Martin DB10 is the most expensive vehicle destroyed in the film franchise. Only ten models were created exclusively for use in Spectre, each carrying a hefty price tag of US$3,067,928.

Bond damages a shocking eight Aston Martins in all 18 films, with Daniel Craig writing off three models alone. A total of 11 different vehicles are completely written off by Bond, including a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II, an AEC Regent bus, and eight Aston Martins, with the marque recently announcing it will build 25 replicas of Bond’s DB5, made famous in Goldfinger.

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