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British tech company Nothing reveals tantalising details of its first smartphone, the minimalist phone (1).

Offering little beyond good looks and luxurious materials, the XOR is a phone for wealthy punters with security on their minds.

If you’re looking for a new smartphone with which to kick off a (hopefully positive) new year, Samsung’s new S22 and S22+ powerhouses are packed with features, including a pro-grade camera.

The result of four years of research and development, OPPO has launched its foldable flagship smartphone, the OPPO Find N.

Looking for the ultimate smartphone photo experience? Leica Camera has created the ground-breaking Leitz Phone 1.

Social media usage is higher than ever, with nearly 3 billion users on Facebook alone. However, there is a growing movement among some people to drop social media altogether. Should you be one of them?

With the new Galaxy S21 and S21+ smartphones, Samsung hopes to undo the disappointment that was the Note 20 and focus on solid tech and a suitably suave design persona.

Samsung has released the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, a new foldable smartphone that’s packed with features, but is it fad or functional?

A revolutionary new Qi charger, the Biscuit is all about future-proofing your tech.

When you’re out in the wilds, tap into the limitless power of Ra with the solar-powered Sherpa 100 Solar Kit…

By taking away the distraction of colour, video, emojis, and the like, the Blloc Phone helps you get down to business.…

Just when you thought Blackberry had had its technological day, the company reveals the groundbreaking new KEYone smartphone.