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LELO is determined to not only pleasure you but break down perceptions that sex toys are only for the ladies with its new F1S V3 love machine.

Despite society’s ever-evolving take, masturbation is as normal as hating Mondays and as pleasurable as a co-ed pillow fight in a wet t-shirt factory.

Being able to recognise the signs of attraction will not only give you confidence but will ensure you don’t miss out on a potential amouric opportunity.

When it comes to self pleasure, there’s some serious tech that gives your hands a run for their money. Here are some of our favourite sex toys for boys.

When it comes to pleasurable unmentionables, turn to LELO, the company that makes it its business to know what your…

Found yourself a little lost after a breakup? There’s a right way and a wrong way moving on if you want to come out the other end relatively unscathed. Here’s how.

Using patented technology developed by leading German sex scientists, the ArcWave Ion is going to change the way you spank that proverbial monkey.

You think she is, but you’re not sure and you don’t want to make a dick of yourself? We’ve all been there but there are ways to know if she’s into you or just trying to get the bartender’s attention.