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Three young bartenders showcase their creativity as they reinvent mixology classics at the 2021 Maker’s Mark Cocktail Competition in Hong Kong.

First, there was the tequila train, and now spirit lovers can while away an afternoon exploring Central Kentucky’s libatious bounty on the Bourbon Excursion.

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Every modern gent should know his whiskey from his whisky, his sour mash from his single malt, and with International…

As part of a new series, we look at the history behind lesser-known cocktails and why you should be making them at home. First off the blocks is the seductive Black Manhattan.

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As winter arrives, you’ll want to reach for heartwarming cocktails and spirits that set your soul aglow – and none are enjoying the renaissance
of rye whisky.

Bourbon, one of the world’s most iconic spirits, is enjoying a renaissance as small-batch distillers innovate and refined palates reach for modern-day incarnations of this ‘wild west’ elixir.

Marking a milestone since the distillery sought to bring back pre-prohibition styles, Knob Creek 25th Anniversary release is a truly special bourbon.