Sony Unveils Two New Walkmans

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Sony Electronics unveils two new Walkmans with enhanced sound quality and longer battery lives.

Many of you will remember when the original walkman was released back in 1979. At the time it was pretty revolutionary, a portable cassette player that allowed you to groove on the move. Sony made 200 million Walkmans up until 2010. Despite the word Walkman becoming so ubiquitous that it was used to refer to a plethora of other personal music devices that quickly followed, Sony maintained the brand and used it for all of its personal devices, including its range of cutting-edge digital devices.

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Now Sony continues to add new versions of the Walkman to its stable with the arrival of the NW-ZX707, and the NW-A306. Both players are designed for listeners to enjoy music the way the artist intended, with high-quality sound with a sleek design.

Sony Electronics unveils two new Walkmans with enhanced sound quality and longer battery lives.

Built with updated components of high-end models, the NW-ZX707 offers astonishing sound quality, an enhanced battery life, a balanced connection, a larger 5-inch display, and Wi-Fi compatibility for easy downloading and streaming functions.

Inheriting the philosophy of the Signature Walkman, the NW-ZX707 has upgraded fine-tuned capacitors and a FTCAP3 (High polymer capacitor) and a large solid high polymer capacitor which offers large capacitance and low resistance. An OFC milled block covering the digital block, allows the NW-ZX707 to bring listeners sound that appears to rise up from silence, while a large 8mm coil for balanced output creates an improved sound resolution across all frequencies.

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The NW-ZX707 integrates a DSD Remastering Engine where PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) audio is resampled into an 11.2 MHz DSD (Direct Stream Digital), offering even more ways to enjoy music, while the NW-A306 is designed for discerning users looking for high-quality sound and style. This stylish and compact music player lets consumers download and stream more of the music they love.

Sony Electronics unveils two new Walkmans with enhanced sound quality and longer battery lives.

With full Wi-Fi compatibility and weighing just seven ounces and with the comfort and function of both a 3.6-inch touch screen and tactile physical music controls, the NW-A306 series is dedicated to delivering exceptional music experiences right from the users’ pocket. The premium aluminium milled frame on the NW-A306 also provides superior rigidity for low impedance and clear, stable sound and solid bass. 

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The NW-ZX707 and the NW-A306 both feature a longer battery life compared to previous models so listeners can immerse themselves in more of their music. The NW-ZX707 has a battery life of up to 25 hours of 44.1kHz FLAC playback, up to 23 hours of 96 kHz FLAC High-Resolution Audio playback, or up to 22 hours even when streaming. The NW-A306 has a battery life of up to 36 hours of 44.1kHz FLAC playback, up to 32 hours of 96kHz FLAC high-resolution audio playback, or even up to 26 hours with the streaming service apps to meet the demand of consumers.

Sony Electronics unveils two new Walkmans with enhanced sound quality and longer battery lives.

In addition, the new Walkmans are not only designed to be stylish but also with the environment in mind. No plastic is used in the packaging material for the NW-ZX707 and the NW-A306, reflecting Sony’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our products and practices. 

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