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Sony’s new HT-SF200 compact soundbar delivers you a cinematic sound experience right to the comfort of your own sofa.

Ever find yourself leaning int towards your television simply to be able to hear the dialogue of whatever show you’re presently bingeing? Do your favourite tracks sound tinny and distorted on your current speakers? Do you want to live your favourite cinematic moments in pure, unadulterated ecstasy? Then it might be time for a tech upgrade.

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Designed to complement any piece of furniture it’s placed on, and built for Asia’s typically tiny apartments, Sony’s newest compact soundbar, the HT-SF200, just might be the only speaker you need to complete the look of your man-cave. Featuring a built-in subwoofer and supporting the Dolby Digital codec, the HT-SF200 makes up in unparalleled sound what it lacks in a sexy name.

Sony’s new HT-SF200

Despite its compact size, the inclusion of S-Force PRO Front Surround creates the effect of being surrounded by speakers – without wires trailing around the room.

Easily connected to your TV via HDMI ARC or Optical, the soundbar can also connect to devices via Bluetooth, meaning cinematic-quality sound no matter whether you’re watching on a projector, a flatscreen, a tablet, laptop or smartphone. There’s even a USB input that allows the connection of a USB device for easy playback.

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Whatsmore, the leather-look top, and composite sides ensure the speaker blends in seamlessly with your masculine interiors.

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