Crabs Can Be Sexy Too

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If you have a hankering for good seafood, you can’t go past Hong Kong’s newest ode to crustaceans, Sexy Crab.

There’s no doubt that crab isn’t for everyone. It can be messy, it can be complicated, and, if you have an allergy, it can be very problematic. However, there are still plenty of punters – especially in Hong Kong – who are only too happy to don a bib and rip these deep-sea suckers apart with their bare hands to reach the succulent flesh within, and those are the people you’ll be rubbing shoulders with at Sexy Crab, a new opening at Tsim Sha Tsui’s K11 MUSEA that seeks to elevate the humble crab-eating orgy.

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With dark, brooding interiors that wouldn’t be out of place in a swing club’s VIP room, Sexy Crab promises a heavenly gastronomic encounter of the exoskeletal variety. Taking the seasonal hairy crab frenzy to new heights thanks to richly flavoured broths and flavoursome handcrafted noodles, the new crab joint showcases premium Jiangsu specimens over 150 grams, with all the deshelling done for you by dexterous chefs who then present the noddle dishes in a striking and unashamedly contemporary style, complete with the perfect proportion of female and male roe, for ultimate umami.

If you have a hankering for good seafood, you can't go past Hong Kong's newest ode to crustaceans, Sexy Crab.

While iconic autumn season hairy crab has long ‘crabtivated’ Hong Kong menus, SEXY CRAB elevates the beloved crustacean to new gastronomic artisanal heights – gloriously showcasing the delicacy as the star of richly-flavoured broths with exquisite, flavoursome handcrafted noodles.

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Dishes range from the signature Sexy Crab, a DIY dining experience that includes creamy chicken-crab broth, crab leg, and crab oil; the 50-50, marked by the perfect balance of hairy crab meat and roe, which is simmered for 8-10 hours; and Pillow Talk, a whole South African fish maw stuffed with crab roe, on a bed of crab roe noodles, and topped with Qiandao premium caviar.

If you have a hankering for good seafood, you can't go past Hong Kong's newest ode to crustaceans, Sexy Crab.

You can even pair your crab with a curated collection of cocktails, including the Sexy Enough, with vodka, Cointreau, ginger, cranberry, and lime juice; and theGinger Fling, ginger-flavoured apple cider vinegar soda.

Perhaps that makes it drunken crab season next?

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