Chinatown Chills

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Take a trip to San Francisco’s iconic Chinatown with the arrival of Sam Fancy in Hong Kong.

Here’s a little history lesson for you. Defined by Broadway, California, Kearny and Powell streets, San Francisco’s Chinatown remains one of the world’s most famous. Initially populated by immigrants fleeing the Opium Wars in China, many in search of gold in Gum San, the Chinese name for America, the neighbourhood’s early residents faced early discrimination and even a devastating earthquake in 1906 but all of that only bolstered the sense of community that remains today.

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New Hong Kong watering hole Sam Fancy invites guests to take a trip to Chinatown and indulge in an impressive list of Chinese-inspired and Pan-Asian cocktails. Named for a play on the Cantonese pronunciation of San Francisco, the new venue is divided into three distinct spaces.

Take a trip to San Francisco's iconic Chinatown with the arrival of Sam Fancy in Hong Kong.

The fourth floor hosts The Merchant, which offers an elevated cocktail experience set against sleek minimalist decor that includes a striking traditional Chinese-style roof. Focusing on modern classic cocktails with Pan-Asian flavours, The Merchant incorporates Chinese ingredients, including baijiu, herbal ingredients and spices like five-spice, star anise, and gentian – into cocktails that tell the stories of the Chinese American immigration experience.

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Highlights of the menu include Las Americas, the Bacardi Legacy Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan winning cocktail, a light and refreshing libation laced with Sriracha, the hot sauce named for the cargo ship from Hong Kong the founder stowed away on to reach his new life in America; Ambrosia, an elegant highball with notes of sweet grapes, white mint, and peach; and the French Concession, a robust and full-bodied cocktail made with Porcelain Shanghai Dry Gin, ginger, lemon, French almond and cherry wine.

Take a trip to San Francisco's iconic Chinatown with the arrival of Sam Fancy in Hong Kong.

Those looking for American Chinese staples, such as General Tso’s Chicken and Crab Rangoon, and classic tiki cocktails can satisfy their cravings at Association – named for the benevolent associations that were many an immigrants’ home away home – on the third floor. Also on the third floor, Lanai Lounge immerses guests in an island adventure with its abundance of lush green plants and menu of sweet tropical slushies.

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