Moncler x Rimowa Refections

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In their newest collaboration, Reflections, Moncler and Rimowa play with new elements to create a truly striking luggage range.

Friends. They can make the world go round, or at least seem a lot better. We are naturally drawn to people who share our philosophies, no matter how profound they might be, and when we find these kindred spirits, we tend to stick with them through thick and thin.

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So it is with Italian luxury fashion house Moncler, and luggage gurus Rimowa, who are no stranger to creative partnerships. The two companies have collaborated before (twice), and the effects were impressive and now, with their new Moncler x Rimowa Reflections line, the companies have created a striking line of suitcases based on the latter’s iconic Original Cabin case.

Moncler x Rimowa Reflections

The reflective sides of the new cases, which are constructed with an ultra-shiny mirror-like finish, highlight both Rimowa’s signature aluminum shells and Moncler’s eye-catching down jackets. Complementing the reflective coating and dual logos, handles in matte black and riveted corners, as well as an internal silver packing cube set, stand this line apart from virtually any other.

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Oh, but there’s more. Not confident that such a reflective case would catch enough attention – and after all that’s what it’s all about when you buy a case like this – the Reflections suitcases also feature a customisable LED screen that runs across the front of the case and which can scroll text programmed via a dedicated app.

Now all you have to do is pen your defining statement to the world. Easy.

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