The Record Player That Will Define Your Living Room

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Marrying stunning retro lines with world-class sound, the Radiofonografo isn’t just a great stereo, it’s a piece of Italian design history.

In a world where it seems our televisions are getting bigger but our sound systems smaller, isn’t it time you added a piece that not only plays great music but is also a piece of art as well?

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First designed and created half a century ago by Achille Giacomo Castiglioni, a renowned designer whose works can be found in the MoMA New York, the V&A in London, and the Triennale in Milan, and his brother Pier, the Radiofonografo RR126 is a stunning piece of modern industrial art, one that captures the confidence and audacity of the era and which looks as good today as it did in the swinging 60s.

Marrying stunning retro lines with world-class sound, the Radiofonografo isn't just a great stereo, it's a piece of Italian design history.

Retro yet refined, the Radiofonografo, now lovingly recreated in limited-edition runs by Italian electronic company Brionvega, creates a listening experience that’s as stimulating and intriguing as its looks.

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Handcrafted in Italy, like so many beautiful things, to the original 1965 specs, this eye-catching console features a Project turntable with Ortofon cartridge, as well as a pair of speakers that can be moved to best meet your (and your room’s) requirements.

Boasting an AM/FM radio (we told you it was retro), a preamp audio jack, and a series of audio outputs so you can mix and match additional components, the Radiofongrafo is presented in lacquered wood and sits on its own cart, complete with forged aluminium wheels.

As if it would ever be moved from pride of place in your man cave.

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