Travel Cases Inspired by Americana

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If you’re in the market for new luggage for that next exotic escape, Zero Halliburton’s new Purist Aluminum Collection sees the reinvention of an American classic in time for summer forays.

When it comes to suitcases that are built to last, Zero Halliburton has made a bit of a name for itself. The company’s latest addition takes its inspiration from 80 years of travel, reimagining an American classic with the help of Brooklyn design firm PENSA.

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Lightweight, durable and with looks to boot, the new Purist Aluminum Collection, which includes four cases and two attaché cases, combines the brand’s iconic looks with new innovations to make the road ahead all the smoother.

These include the patent-pending ZH Concave Edging, which is the architectural foundation of the new cases and which features four deep-set channels that are secured with a custom Y-shaped corner cap that runs all the way from the corners back to the centre of the case to mitigate the potential for severe damage more effectively than typical convex-based travel cases.

Pursuit Aluminum Collection

To ensure true reliability, the new ZH Chassis is a clever support feature engineered to ensure impressive ground clearance and enhance the brand’s specially made wheel system. Marrying form with function, the ZH Chassis is fashioned with a custom-made Scalloped Grip Handle enabling the travel case to be easily lifted into an overhead compartment or out of a car trunk.

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The Purist cases feature a modern take on Zero Halliburton’s double-ribbing exterior, with cases formed with textured brushed aluminium and accentuated with bespoke, ergonomic pull handles inspired by the brand’s mid-century cases

Custom-made latches, logo badges, interiors and monogram-ready ID tags ensure you’ll get all the right kind of attention at the baggage carousel.

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