This Could Be Your New Gaming Throne

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Quit your job and say good-bye to your Mrs; the new Project Brooklyn gaming chair concept from Razer promises to take home gaming to all-new levels.

Do you remember your first game console? It might have been an Atari or a Commodore 64 or an early Nintendo or Sega system. Whatever it was, it changed things forever – no more hanging out at the arcade spending your Grandmother’s Christmas card money; no more sofa diving for dimes; and no more strangers trying to take your top score when you weren’t guarding your machine – you finally had a reason to spend all your waking hours at home.

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Fast-forward a few decades and gaming has never been more popular (or profitable) and it’s now perfectly ok to spend your hard-earned cash on the appropriate accoutrement for your shut-in, bathless, gamer’s lifestyle.

Designed for all types of gamers and with a relatively small footprint, making it great in Asia’s shamefully small apartments, the new Project Brooklyn gaming chair concept design from Razer actually transforms from an ergonomic gaming chair into a full-fledged entertainment powerhouse that delivers breathtaking, next-gen immersion for both PC and console gaming.

Constructed from carbon fibre, with high-density foam cushions (after all, you may be there a while) and RGB lighting, this gaming throne includes a 60-inch rollout OLED display that is deployed from the backbone of the seat at the press of a button to deliver a panoramic visual experience complete with riveting tactile feedback built into the chair.

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There are even 4D armrests that roll out into adjustable peripheral tables with flexible ergonomics, with the unit placed on an adjustable platform inspired by the Razer Raptor monitor complete with cable-routing.

A new native Razer HyperSense integration has been built around the chair’s framework for the ultimate in tactile immersion. The independently activated high-fidelity modules offer feel for the most sensitive vibrations felt during gameplay, such as jumping into water or landing on a platform for truly immersive gameplay.

The concept will be tested out by Razer on top esports athletes to benchmark feasibility and comfort, but it probably won’t be long until you can attract the wrath of your wife or girlfriend with your very own gaming throne.

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