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Hong Kong’s Modern Mexican Cocina Pablo has created an innovative new cocktail menu dedicated to the margarita.

Whether you like tequila or can’t stand it, you’ll have to admit the margarita is one of the best classic cocktails ever created. According to legend, the concoction – tequila, lime juice, and triple sec – was the brainchild of bartenders at Baja California’s Hussong’s Cantina, where it was created in 1941 in honour of showgirl Rita de la Rosa. Talk about a legacy.

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Fast-forward to Hong Kong today and you have a chance to either change your perceptions of this endearing libation or to celebrate its sweet-salty profile at Mexican restaurant Pablo, which presents a new cocktail series infused with the flavours from South of the Border.

Hong Kong's Modern Mexican Cocina Pablo has created an innovartive new cocktail menu dedicated to the margarita.

The tantalising menu has been inspired by traditional Mexican flavours and features a range of signature margaritas alongside innovative house concoctions, best enjoyed during the daily happy hour, with drinks (from HK$58) paired with a selection of gourmet Mexican bar snacks.

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In terms of the margarita, Pablo’s bartenders have taken things to the next level, with a signature series of modern margarita variations. Begin your margarita marathon with Pablo’s Spicy Margarita, which infuses tequila blanco with mezcal and chilli. If things are getting a little too heated, cool down with a Lemongrass Mint Margarita to restore the balance. For something a little left of field, the creamy Guacamole Margarita (below) works surprisingly well, and for the tequila uninitiated, the Mixed Berries Margarita or Velvet Margarita – Herradura Reposado tequila with fresh pomegranate and grenadine – is sure to win sippers over.

Hong Kong's Modern Mexican Cocina Pablo has created an innovartive new cocktail menu dedicated to the margarita.

Aside from the margaritas, you’ll find a series of innovative cocktails ranging from Fine Potion, with vodka, cucumber, spring mint, apple juice and elderflower; and La Paloma de Pablo, with tequila or mezcal and grapefruit soda; to the Mezcal Negroniwhich is pre-mixed and left to mature in a wooden cask for a week, resulting in a balanced, multi-layered cocktail that starts with the strong taste of negroni and mellows into a pleasing smoky vanilla aftertaste.

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Pair your siesta sippers with tortilla chips with guacamole; crispy seafood or potato tacos; and even Mexican treats such as churros or the comfort classic, arroz con leche

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