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OXO Living releases new townhouses in some of Bali’s most vibrant corners, just in time for that much-needed seachange.

Most of us have been fortunate enough to visit Indonesia’s Island of the Gods, and if you have, you’ll know how the island is transforming itself from a holiday to a destination to a hub for creatives and digital innovators. Voted the most popular destination in Asia for 2022 and taking first place in TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards 2022, Bali’s immense popularity ties well with Indonesia’s reopening of its borders, welcoming buyers with prime opportunities to enjoy favourable returns from their investment.

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With quarantine-free travel to Indonesia becoming a reality, Bali property development and management company OXO Living has unveiled its newly completed townhouses. Slated as the country’s special economic zone and the new home for digital nomads, Bali is an ideal destination for lifestyle designers who make conscious decisions about their lives, investment and the future.  

Designed for a new generation of entrepreneurs who are making Bali their home and looking for an “urban tropical” lifestyle for a large part of the year rather than a relaxing retreat in the jungle or by the sea for just a week or two, the OXO Townhouses are located in the social hotspots of Berawa and Umalas, Canggu, a stone’s throw from world-famous hotels and beach clubs, Bali’s best restaurants and cafes, as well as trendy lifestyle amenities.

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The proximity to renowned International Schools like the Canggu Community School and ProEducation School also makes these homes well-suited for families residing in the two-bedroom units. 

OXO Living releases new townhouses in some of Bali's most vibrant corners, just in time for that much-needed seachange.

A community within a community, these townhouses are a unique multi-unit development amidst other smaller but highly liveable villas and townhouses catered to a growing community. In 2019, Forbes Magazine ranked Canggu as the fourth Best Place to Live and Invest, making the area a standout choice for property investment.

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The pinnacle of ‘urban tropical living’ in Bali, the one-bedroom studio units at OXO Townhouses Berawa and two-bedroom townhouse units at OXO Townhouses Umalas feature verdant gardens and private plunge pools. From deliberated floor space designs and timeless design with smart technology to expansive sliding doors that integrate the outdoors and indoors and bright and spacious bedrooms beckoning a rejuvenating rest, these townhouses are a breath of fresh air for urbanites in Asia’s largest cities.

OXO Living releases new townhouses in some of Bali's most vibrant corners, just in time for that much-needed seachange.

Following OXO Living’s launch of the world’s first NFT property art collection, each OXO townhouse owner will also receive an NFT artwork and be able to trade a digital derivative of their physical property. In addition, a high percentage of OXO Living’s customers being savvy crypto investors has prompted the firm to permit the use of cryptocurrencies as an official method of payment for its properties. 

Perhaps it’s time for a change of scenery?

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