A Speaker for Your Fortress of Solitude

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The new Nest Audio smart speaker from Google is a home entertainment system in a sophisticated little package.

There’s no doubt that there’s a war waging between the big tech brands and their army of connected home speakers, especially at a time when we’re spending more time (willingly or not) at home than ever before. The latest barrage in this battle between the likes of Google and Amazon is the new Nest Audio, the latest smart speaker from your favourite search engine conglomerate.

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Made for music lovers, the new Nest Audio speaker is 75 percent louder and has 50 percent stronger bass than its predecessor, the Google Home. This performance is aided by a 19mm tweeter for consistent high-frequency coverage and clear vocals, and a 75mm mid-woofer that really brings the bass. As a speaker made for audiophiles, the Nest Audio promises sound that’s full, clear, and natural, with balanced lows, mids and highs, significant bass, and deep vocals across all genres.

The new Nest Audio smart speaker from Google is a home entertainment system in a sophisticated little package.

That clarity has a little something to do with the new speaker’s design; the grill, fabric, and materials (much of which is made from recycled plastic) used are designed to deliver audio without distortion while also ensuring the new addition to your kitchen, living room or bat cave is suitably stylish.

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The speaker will adapt to that space, with its Media EQ featuring enabling it to automatically tune itself to whatever you’re listening, whether its the latest Sticky Fingers track, or the lulling voice of the Google Assistant, while the Ambient IQ will adjust the volume of that output depending on your background noise, so you’ll never miss another solo while you’re cooking up a storm.

Google is all about connectivity so if you already have Google Home, Nest Mini or Nest Hub devices, you can sync them together so your favourite tracks follow you through your home and through your day. You can even direct the source of your music and the device that’s playing it thanks to voice directions. You can also engage the increasingly intelligent Google Assistant through the Nest Audio, have Spotify or YouTube recommend you tracks, or control compatible devices throughout your home or office.

The new Nest Audio is available in five colours – Chalk, Charcoal, Sand, Sky, and the all-new Sage – and promises a spectacular audi experience from a pint-sized package.

Your neighbours are going to love it.

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