Where Java Meets Vino

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New Hong Kong opening Mato combines the best of the worlds of wine and coffee in one elegant location.

Coffee in the morning and wine at night is not a hard-and-fast rule, but being able to enjoy life’s great gastronomic pleasures with friends and family most certainly is. Fortunately, at newly opened Mato, oenophiles and coffee aficionados alike are welcomed with a sophisticated haven that combines all the best culinary experiences under one roof. 

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Led by an experienced sommelier and barista team that includes Masters of Wine Anty Fung and Wallace Lo and barista Pearl Lau, Mato introduces to Hong Kong a one-of-a-kind omakase offering, inviting patrons to dive deeper into the coffee and wine experience through curated selections of both. At the new venue, guests are led through a unique “Coffee-Wine Omakase” with paired coffee and wine options for guests according to their preferences and meal selections.

New Hong Kong opening Mato combines the best of the worlds of wine and coffee in one elegant location.

Partnering with exceptional overseas roasters, Mato offers a rotating selection of unique, single-origin coffee beans to entice java lovers, kicking off in with beans from April, a world-renowned Danish coffee roaster. Meanwhile, the wine cellar features wines fermented from over 80 types of grapes and produced in more than 20 countries. A selection of 150 labels and counting includes both Old and New World wines, encompassing a diverse range of wine producers and regions. 

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The “Wine – all you can taste” option (Hk$350++ for two hours free-flow) lets punters sip their way through a list of six wines curated by the in-house sommelier, offering guests the chance to branch out from familiar mainstream labels and discover different varietals, handpicked from all corners of the world, including Furmint, Marsanne, Godello, Cabernet Franc, Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon. Featured wine selections include 1927 vines Marsanne 2015, a product of Tahbilk Wines in Australia; Dry Furmint 2020, a product of Sauska Wines in Hungary; and Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, a product of Montes Wines in Chile. 

New Hong Kong opening Mato combines the best of the worlds of wine and coffee in one elegant location.

Drawing from the intersection of Italian and Japanese cuisines, Mato’s chef has specially designed a variety of shared dishes to pair with the new venue’s wine and coffee menu. A total of seven Italian pasta dishes offers something for all tastes with highlights including stewed beef brisket in tomato and red wine sauce with fettuccine; Japanese soft-boiled egg and homemade Japanese char siu; and brown crab meat and salmon roe with capellini. A variety of innovative snacks also includes Black Angus beef balls; whitebait potato croquettes; and Italian heirloom tomato salad.

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Tucked away from the city’s hustle and bustle, Mato’s spacious ceilings, combined with modern and stylish decor, make for an inviting space. The unconventional layout imitates the element of unpredictability in the coffee and wine drinking experience: sit at the bar to closely observe the brewing process, or take a seat on a sofa by the window or on one of the freely oriented chairs for a leisurely sipping experience. Overlooking Des Voeux Road, the relaxing atmosphere invites guests to while away the morning, afternoon or evening, savouring every sip of coffee and wine and enjoying a moment of bliss in the midst of an ever-changing city.

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