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Leica Camera AG has created a new design variant of the brand’s iconic M10-R digital camera in high-gloss black.

When it comes to cameras, you’re pretty much defined by colour. We know, it’s a little sad, but the days of coloured SLRs seem to have stayed in the 90s meaning that if your camera has more colour than a moody goth chic, you’re sporting a dad’s family pic camera, and if it’s black, well, you’re taking things a bit more seriously.

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That said, there’s black and then there’s black and Leica, those German camera gurus, knows a thing or two about making deceptively simple looking cameras stand out. The brand’s latest release is the perfect example.

Leica Camera AG has created a new design variant of the brand's iconic M10-R digital camera in high-gloss black.

With its black paint finish, the new Leica M10-R perfectly embodies the classic Leica look: over the years, glimpses of brass will gradually start to show on the corners and edges – resulting in a unique patina that emphasises the camera’s (and yours tiger) individual character. The result is a camera that not only captures moments in time but also tells a story of its own.

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In addition to the high-gloss finish, there are some external details that distinguish the new design variant from its serially produced counterpart (though the technical specifications are identical in both models). These differences include the classic Leica lettering on the top plate, along with an ‘Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Germany’ engraving. Also, the red Leica dot has been omitted, creating an understated appearance that facilitates an especially unobtrusive approach, especially if you’re taking photos of a letter drop or a missile silo, you know, happy snaps.

Leica Camera AG has created a new design variant of the brand's iconic M10-R digital camera in high-gloss black.

As with all Leica M cameras, the new variant is equipped with an ultra-quiet shutter, allowing the photographer to capture scenes at close proximity without drawing undue attention.

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For vintage style lovers, the camera boasts ISO and shutter speed dials that feature classic diamond-pattern knurling, while the shutter button is distinguished by a silver-chrome finish.

Of course, the Leica M10-R delivers exceedingly high image quality thanks to a 40-megapixel resolution, which means your images will look great and you’ll look great taking them.

It’s the best of both worlds.

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