Johnnie Goes to Mars

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label looks to the future with an innovative collaboration with renowned digital artist Luke Halls.

Exploring themes of geoengineering, AI empowerment and physics-defying technologies, the new limited-edition design for Johnnie Walker Blue Label reimagines a thriving and vibrant future society that has transformed cityscapes and skylines, embracing new scientific developments to push the limits of what’s possible. These intricate illustrations represent the remarkable depth of flavour, rarity and two centuries of craft that’s found in every bottle of the blended Scotch. 

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Luke, who has worked with some of the world’s most successful artists including Adele, Rihanna, U2 and Beyonce, interprets Mars 2220 as a multi-planetary civilisation with bustling colonies. After 200 years, a once-dead world now teems with life and new energy, enabled by the second generation of ‘Martian’ colonists. Over a century of terraforming has already begun to bear fruit and the first signs of green life can be seen beyond the geodesic domes the Martians call home. Earth and Moon appear in the skies above – a powerful reminder not only of how far we’ve come, but that by walking forward together, we can achieve anything. 

Johnnie Walker Blue Label looks to the future with an innovative collaboration with renowned digital artist Luke Halls

Whisky lovers can discover a rich world of flavour as they are transported into the world of 2220 by scanning an NFC on the front of the bottle with their smartphone. 

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The rare whiskies, intricate craft, and the innovative collaboration with Luke Halls make this limited-edition design Johnnie Walker Blue Label the perfect gift or collection addition. 

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