High Octane Surfing

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On your next surf safari, pack a little more punch with Jet Surf, pint-sized, rocket-propelled board.

Man has put engines on some pretty wonderful things, hang gliders, canoes, lawnmowers, balloons and ten speeds just to name a few. Our need for speed, for power, is seemingly as relentless and endless as our innovation and ingenuity and if there’s a way we can add speed and potential injury to an otherwise sedate mode of transport, you know someone will!

Enter the latest non-motorised item to be modified with the addition of copious combustion: the humble surfboard.

Packed with the most powerful engine of its kind designed by homo sapiens, Jet Surf looks like it should be a getaway vehicle in a Mission Impossible film (give it time folks!). It’s literally a stubby surfboard packed with a powerful engine – the racing version features a 100cc displacement and a top speed of 57km/hr – that’s controlled by hand grips, sans waves or any tidal intervention.

Hand-crafted with ultra-light carbon and Kevlar (just in case you really are dodging bullets), these man-boards not only pack a punch but can be packed into check-in luggage so you can hot dog anywhere there’s water and an audience.

Think of it as perfecting nature with petrol power.

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