Not Your Average Vegetarian Restaurant

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If you’re looking to cut down on red meat as part of a healthy push post-pandemic, JAJA brings a new vibrancy to Hong Kong’s vegetarian dining scene.

The Covid pandemic has had an interesting effect on many of us. It’s made us think twice about where we live, our proximity to loved ones, our work lives and even our personal wellness. Many will emerge from the various lockdowns with a newfound interest in looking after themselves in preparation for the next pandemic, and that might include becoming vegetarian. If that’s the case and you no longer dig cow, a new eatery in Wan Chai has you covered.

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Mira Dining’s latest vegetarian restaurant, JAJA, has arrived at Wan Chai’s iconic artistic hotspot, the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Pronounced as [Ha Ha] in Spanish, JAJA is a fun and inspiring dining destination where good vibes are shared and celebrated and where diners will enjoy a series of scrumptious and photogenic vegetarian delights set against whimsical décor.

If you're looking to cut down on red meat as part of a healthy push post-pandemic, JAJA brings a new vibrancy to Hong Kong's vegetarian dining scene.

Specializing in vegetarian dishes, JAJA offers a vast array of appealing and appetizing delicacies. In addition to signature Asian Delights such as Soup-er Wontons, Living Maki Platter, curry, laksa, and tempura, JAJA also introduces plenty of culinary innovations – think Smokey Corn Ribs with Vegan BBQ Mayo and One Meter Red Curry Pizza – making it perfect for casual dining and post-restriction date nights.

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If you are headed out on a date night, we think your dining companion will appreciate the new venue’s Instagrammable desserts, which range from Shake It Off,  a series of milkshakes in vibrant colours; to Feeling Chia-Full pudding, a vegan must-have.

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