RED’s Hologram Smartphone

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Don’t you just love it when the present catches up with the future? One minute you’re watching classic Star Wars tech moments, and the next you’re chatting to your compadre’s hologram.

That’s right, luxe camera gurus RED will release its Hydrogen One smartphone this summer, complete with a ‘professional hydrogen holographic display’.

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The company is staying a little closed-lipped at present but has let on that the new phone’s 5.7-inch display with use nanotechnology to seamlessly switch from 2D to 3D and holographic multi-view mode at the flick of a metaphorical switch. What’s more, you’ll view said hologram with multi-dimensional audio that will “assault your senses” thanks to a special algorithm.

red hydrogen one

Not only will the Hydrogen One feature a series of modular attachments, much like those used by selected LG, Motorola and Essential phones, but the emphasis will be on photography, with the phone said to also be able to interact with RED’s high-end digital camera systems.

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With a headphone jack, microSD expandable memory and a USB Type-C connection, the Hydrogen One will be available in aluminium and titanium.

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