When Gold Meets Sapphire

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Hublot has created two bold new takes on its masculine Big Bang MP-11 in Magic Gold and Blue Sapphire.

When it’s not broken, don’t fix it, as the age-old adage goes. So it is with the best timepieces, each an example of innovation and timeless adherence to tradition. That said, it’s nice to hit the street with a new look from time to time, and even the most iconic timepieces can do with a reinvention.

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Hublot has done just that with two bold new renditions of its Big Bang MP-11. Housing the MP-11 manufacture calibre, an instrument with a spectacular look that reveals its seven in-line barrels, guaranteeing a power reserve of 14 days, the two new exclusive cases showcase the brand’s scratch-resistant Magic Gold alloy and the transparency of its high-tech synthesis technology Blue Sapphire.

Hublot has created two bold new takes on its masculine Big Bang MP-11 in Magic Gold and Blue Sapphire.

Following the success of similar projects, including the creation of a Big Bang MP-11s in ultra-light 3D carbon, King Gold alloy paired with a 3D carbon bezel, in transparent sapphire, in high-tech Red Magic ceramic, and most recently in green SAXEM, a new composite rivalling the most beautiful emeralds in colour and matching diamonds in its hardness, the new editions are sure to catch all the right kinds of attention.

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The Big Bang MP-11 Magic Gold (above), available as a limited edition of just 50 pieces, reinterprets the ultra-technical and contemporary design of the Big Bang case in the world’s first-ever version of scratch-resistant 18-carat gold, an alloy invented and patented by Hublot. To achieve this unprecedented resistance in the traditional world of precious metals, the brand’s engineers have combined pure gold with boron carbide, an extremely hard high-tech ceramic.

The exclusive colour of the Magic Gold case is enhanced on the bezel of the watch, and contrasted with six H-shaped black-coated titanium screws. The marriage of an 18-carat gold case and a black rubber strap serves as a reminder that Hublot was the first brand, in 1980, to boldly combine these two materials on the same watch, at a time when these two materials were considered to be incompatible.

Hublot has created two bold new takes on its masculine Big Bang MP-11 in Magic Gold and Blue Sapphire.

Playing on transparency, the Big Bang MP-11 Blue Sapphire, also released as a limited edition of 50 pieces, takes its radiance and inimitable colour from one of the manufactured sapphires that Hublot has developed in house. With unique knowledge and complete mastery of the industrialisation process, Hublot is able to offer sapphire in a range of innovative colours, including transparent, black, blue, red, yellow, and orange. The lined and structured blue rubber strap echoes the innovative colour of the sapphire case.

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