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We talk NFT supercars and one-of-a-kind investments with Dubai-based House of Pilati CEO and Founder Patrick Pilati.

After a 15-year career curating luxury products for ultra-high-net-worth individuals, art curator and photographer-turned investment advisor Patrick Pilati has his eye on the ever-changing luxury scene. His House of Pilati design and investment consultancy recently launched the Spirit of Arabia, a collection of three striking supercars, and is currently developing a series of luxury penthouses, each of which comes with its own Aero 3, a limited-run, custom-built sports car based on the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

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Tell us about the motivation behind the Spirit of Arabia car collection.

The Spirit of Arabia was born during Covid to honour Arab heritage. The cars represent elements of Arabic culture: the stars seen from the desert dunes, the pearls of Dubai, the rosewood tables of Damascus, the ivory trade, the spices, and so on. I am a curator of luxury products and work together with the designers to create unique collections that are not only works of art but are true investments. For 15 years I was the man to go to for packed investments, making them sexy and creating that wow effect where investors would say “I want to be part of it, what do I have to do?” and today I have created something that is beyond an investment.

We talk NFT supercars and one-of-a-kind investments with Dubai-based House of Pilati CEO and Founder Patrick Pilati.

How did you select the four auto marques you worked with for the collection and what unique specifications can potential buyers expect? 

The car selection, which includes a Rolls-Royce, a Lamborghini, a Bentley, and a Hermes Defender, was a very creative process, where I was looking for something unique that could not only be considered a luxury car but also a piece of art with soul.

The cars’ engine specs stay the same but what the final buyer will have is a car that can be considered a piece of art – like a painting in 4D – that will never grow old in their collection – a one-of-a-kind that will not be replicated.

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Why did you decide to create each car as an NFT? What will the role of NFTs be in the luxury market going forward?

I wanted to give back the power to the working class and make them feel part of the House of Pilati luxury portfolio. This is why I created the first supercar of the NFT platform where clients can buy a token for just GBP500 and say ‘even I own the car’ and drive it ten times a year on the F1 track at Yas Marina, have their tailormade racing suit, and receive a free ticket to attend the F1 races during the year.

What we are doing is creating the House of Pilati luxury NFT marketplace and placing more luxury products on it and what the NFT does is prove the product exists through the blockchain.

We talk NFT supercars and one-of-a-kind investments with Dubai-based House of Pilati CEO and Founder Patrick Pilati.

How is the luxury design scene evolving and what are today’s ultra-wealthy looking for when it comes to luxury purchases?

Today, we have a lot of what I call commercial luxury, where the purpose is to buy a brand to show off and to look cool. House of Pilati is redefining the meaning of luxury and creating a new benchmark where luxury is not related to its value in Euros or dollars but is about how that product was produced and why. It’s about its story and of course, none of the products will be done in the millions of copies. Even if you love or hate the product, you’ll recognise it as unique.

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House of Pilati collaborates with a collection of luxury brands to create unique one-off collectibles – what other releases should we be looking out for?

Creativity is not a machine where you press the on/off button, it’s about finding the right products or thinking about the right products. But for sure, in the next couple of years, we will have something incredible coming out, like the House of Pilati Penthouses, a limited edition collection of teas, some watch collaborations, and some unique jewelry.

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