Denim Dreams

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A new exhibition in Hong Kong by designer Hiro Yoshikawa greys the lines between fashion and mythology.

Ancient Japanese legends tell of a time when mankind and nature, or shizen, coexisted in harmony. Man’s love for nature grew so deep, so the story goes, that he learned to honour it through his craftsmanship, or rikisaku.

Founder and designer of Washi Jeans, Hiro Yoshikawa, takes inspiration from Japanese mythology for his latest collection, The Life on Earth, which is centred around Washi No. 6, an all-natural denim developed by Yoshikawa over a decade, and which is showcases at a curious new installation in Tai Po.

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Jointly created and presented by Washi Jeans, Sam & Soto@Botanic Union and Alex Lam @Lefishtank, The Life on Earth exhibition has opened at Botanic Union in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, and will run until July 11.  Designed to be an immersive journey for guests to experience the latest Yoshikawa’s latest collection, Botanic Union has been transformed from a secluded greenhouse into a denim oasis constructed with Washi denim fabric. 

A new exhibition in Hong Kong by designer Hiro Yoshikawa greys the lines between fashion and mythology.

The exhibition includes a Volkswagon Beetle wrapped in denim; the Washi “Shizen” Tent, made from Washi paper; and of course the Shizen and Rikisaku collections, which have been artfully adorned with moss, tree roots, and succulents.

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At the heart of the space is the Washi Rikisaku Tree, which has been constructed from Washi paper and denim and which symbolises craftsmanship that’s in harmony with nature.

And you thought this was all just about dungarees.

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