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GoPro has released the new Hero 10 Black, its most rugged and feature-packed action camera to date.

If you’ve not jumped into the whole action cam scene, you’ll need to ask yourself a tough question: what the hell are you doing with your life? Now, while we’re not saying you need to be heliskiing off-piste or jumping the Grand Canyon on a Vesper, there are plenty of day-to-day interactions that can be caught on an action camera, sewn together in sections, and kept as a memento of life’s great little moments, and that process has become even easier with the arrival of the GoPro Hero 10 Black.

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GoPro did to the action camera scene what DJI did for drones and Apple did for tablets. They’ve made things dead simple, dead stylish, and technologically razor-sharp, and the newest addition to the Hero lineup is no different.

GoPro has released the new Hero 10 Black, its most rugged and feature-packed action camera to date.

Powered by a new GP2 processor that delivers two times the video frame rates – we’re talking 5.3K at 60fps, which means 91% more resolution than 4K – and spectacular image quality, the new action camera has an upgraded Hypersmooth 4.0 video stabilisation feature for when things get bumpy and a market-leading 23-megapixel photo resolution. Oh, and you can also upload content to the cloud while charging, one of three ways to transfer content from the new edition.

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The camera makes getting great content – that’s viewable without a vomit bag in hand – dead simple, thanks to features like the in-camera horizon leveling, which has been increased to 45-degrees in high-performance setting, making chaotic video look smooth and steady. Improved low light performance makes shooting in the dark far easier, while a front colour display with a higher frame rate makes for a smoother live preview experience, and a rare touch display with touch zoom makes composition a breeze.

GoPro has released the new Hero 10 Black, its most rugged and feature-packed action camera to date.

As you can imagine, the new Hero 10 Black is packed with improvements, ranging from 1080p webcam mode, HDR for dynamic stills, RAW image capture, a TimeWarp feature available in real and half-speed, built-in folding mounting fingers for attaching the camera to GoPro mounts, three microphones, and voice control in 11 languages.

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In addition, a new protective lens cover features a ‘hydrophobic’ water-shedding design and protects a digital lens that offers Ultra-Wide, Wide, Linear, and Narrow perspectives.

The only limitation is your imagination.

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