Golden Rules for Today’s Dating Male

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Dating needn’t be daunting. All you have to do is follow a few dating golden rules dos and don’ts, says love guru Ariadna Peretz.

Dating can be tricky stuff. Sometimes it resembles an subtle interrogation, sometimes a game of chess, sometimes an all out battle of the sexes. However, you can make things simpler by following these golden rules for today’s dating male, a few insider tips that are sure to bring peace and love quicker than you can say armistice.

Do Be in Touch Ahead of the Date

Silence makes us think you have lost interest or forgotten. By texting a few times beforehand, you’re communicating that you’re looking forward to the date and that the date is actually going ahead. Pre-date texting is also useful because it creates familiarity and rapport, which are very important for attraction to grow.

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Don’t Skimp on the Basics 

If it’s a weeknight keep your suit on (no need for a tie) but if it’s a weekend date you still need to look smart. Make sure you’re well-rested, you’ve shaved/trimmed your facial hair, used a bit of hair product, and spritzed on some cologne (at the very least reapply deodorant). Also, arrive on time and don’t look at your phone.

Do Ask Questions

Your choice of date venue and activity are important but they’ll never be as important as you. She will decide to see you again if you make a meaningful connection with her. Asking questions and showing you want to understand her at a deeper level is how you make that happen.

Don’t Avoid Talking About Yourself

To connect, she needs to get you — what makes you quirky? Funny? Happy? Sad? You can volunteer information about yourself but take note if she is asking questions. If she’s not, you may be out with someone who is too self-involved.

Dating needn’t be daunting. All you have to do is follow a few dating golden rules dos and don’ts, says love guru Ariadna Peretz.

Do Flirt 

If she said yes to the date that means there is attraction to a certain degree. Therefore, you have permission to flirt. Some men are worried flirting will make them look creepy. Let me be clear: making an overtly sexual move or comment is creepy but being playful, teasing, or breaking the physical barrier with light touching on the arm, hand, or back is perfectly fine.

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Don’t Forget it’s a Date 

A lot of women are disillusioned with the state of dating because they get too many WYD/ DTF/FWB/Netflix & Chill propositions from ‘fuckboys’ and too few, “I’d like to get to know you. Can I take you for ice cream/dinner/drink?” suggestions from men. This matters when you’re on the date too.

Let her order first, open the door for her, flirt, let her take the first cab, and send a text later to make sure she got home all right. And, yes, offer to pay. Of course, you don’t need to take her on an expensive date if money is an issue – visiting a botanical park and grabbing an ice cream or hiking a popular trail and having a drink are perfectly good dates. All these efforts will separate you from the ‘boys’.

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Do Schedule the Next Date 

If the date went reasonably well or you end it thinking you didn’t have the chance to fully get to know her and would like to, schedule a second date. Scheduling the next date before you part ways is best because there’s no ambiguity about the next time you’ll see each other and the fact that you are interested.

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