Hong Kong, You’ve Never Seen Anything Like Fuerza Bruta!

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New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and you know what that means – time to make resolutions for the year ahead. Whatever you plan to do to improve yourself, your life and your future, one of those resolutions should be to go see Fuerza Bruta in Hong Kong.

What is this exotic-sounding event you might say? Fuerza Bruta is a dynamic and immersive theatre experience without compare. Translated from Spanish (the show has its origins in Argentina) as ‘Brute Force’, Fuerza Bruta transcends language with a multi-sensory kaleidoscope of cultural and societal themes, breathtakingly narrated through colour, sound and movement – think part club experience, part rave, part 360-degree theatre, with a hefty dash of Cirque-du-Soleil-on-steroids and you start to get the picture.

Ah, I see we have your attention.

Fuerza Bruta Look Up Hong Kong

Fresh from a world tour that included 58 cities in 34 countries and nine successful years off-Broadway in NYC (where the New York Tims described it as “a physical and visual extravaganza”), Fuerza Bruta will make its Hong Kong debut in May 2020, presenting its Look Up show at The Box at Freespace, a new centre for contemporary performance in the heart of the West Kowloon Art Park.

The headline show will be joined by a pair of spectacular rock concerts, art installations and exhibitions, an enthralling Darkness Theatre experience, and a host of lavish VIP events held by corporate sponsors looking to impress the socks off clients and customers.

Fuerza Bruta Look Up Hong Kong

There is nothing quite like Fuerza Bruta; at the centre of a stage that will constantly have event-goers looking up in expectation, spectators will share in the raw emotion of a man sprinting for his life, the ethereality of beautiful sirens twisting and writhing in suspended lucite pools, and the charged passion of bands as they surge through the audiences’ ranks.

This frenzy of music, light, acrobatics, and dance creates a four-dimensional sensory symphony that evolves and continuously re-engages with the audience, who play the roles of both participant and witness.

Fuerza Bruta Look Up Hong Kong

As you can imagine, the show has already proven popular with heavy hitters like Leonardo Di Caprio, John Legend, Neil Patrick Harris, Kanye West, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Bradley Cooper, Jim Carey, and Usher, who incorporated elements of the show into the music video of his acclaimed hit Scream, and even performed in Fuerza Bruta shows as part of the promotion of his album Looking 4 Myself.

So you’re assured to be in good company.

Tickets go on sale in January 2020.

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