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The new For Purpose Recycling Belt adds a little conscience to your summer look.

We all know that ocean plastics are a very real issue, and it’s not just limited to the Great Ocean Garbage Patch, an area three times the size of France where sea currents tend to deposit the insane amount of plastic that’s reaching our waterways.

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Across Southeast Asia, beaches remain littered with plastic debris year-round (ocean plastic is expected to triple by 2040 to 29 million metric tons per year) and while many companies are trying to come up with ways to use ocean plastic as a resource – from stylish watches, boardshorts, and sneakers to luggage lines – there’s still room for more effort.

The new For Purpose Recycling Belt adds a little conscience to your summer look.

The latest offensive in the war against ocean plastic comes in the form of the For Purpose Recycling Belt by F.P.R. (For Purpose Recycling) a for-purpose company on a mission to stop ocean plastic while improving the lives of people who collect it.

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Created by sustainability professional Erik Sumarkho, these striking unisex belts are made out of certified recycled plastic, with the purchase of each preventing 10kgs of plastic waste from entering our oceans through the creation of cost-effective plastic collection points in coastal communities in Indonesia, the second-largest contributor of ocean plastics globally. These points allow communities – part of the whopping two billion people that don’t have access to basic waste services – to sell their plastic waste while also receiving environmental education that further empowers their efforts.

The new For Purpose Recycling Belt adds a little conscience to your summer look.

Initial collaborations will begin in West Papua and West Java, home to unique marine ecosystems that are most under threat, with each 100% GRS-certified recycled polyester belt – available in blue, orange, black and green – reclaiming a vital share of the waste. The belts feature a recyclable zinc d-ring (a recycled ring is in the works) and are durable and made to last.

Because nothing should be wasted.

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